By John. P. Barker

About Cobweb

Cobweb is Phoebe's pride and joy, until one day, when tragedy strikes and Cobweb dies.

Thinking she has lost her best friend forever, Phoebe is astounded when Cobweb returns as a ghost.

Together they embark on several adventures and, at the same time, try to avoid being discovered.

From rescuing a child from a burning house to breaking up a gang of bullies.

It's all in a days work for Phoebe and her ghost horse called Cobweb.

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Reviews For Cobweb

Awsome *****

by MMSGirl123

I think that this book was so great!!!! Please make 1,000 more!! I could  read cobweb everyday and every night! The book is so good! 

Love It *****

by Kitten135837270052379643763 

This book was so amazing! I couldn't stop reading. I am horse crazy and love reading stories like this one. 

Cobweb *****

by Ecm137

I Loved It                         

Also Available

The second book in the Cobweb series